The Wildlife Society accomplishes most of its work through committees. Committees provide an opportunity for our members to become involved in the planning of events and day-to-day activities necessary for the successful and smooth operation of our society. Serving on a committee is a great way to be active in the Indiana Chapter.

Tim Carter, (765) 285-8842,
This committee reviews annually financial records for all chapter accounts.

Zack DeYoung, (219) 992-3019,
The Awards Committee is responsible for the administration of the awards made to practitioners in the field of wildlife management. The role of the committee is to solicit nominations for these awards and to serve as the evaluation board for the selection of the winner. Descriptions of awards, nomination directions/deadlines, and past winners may be found here.

Jason Wade, (260) 468-2515,
This committee is responsible for informing the membership of chapter activities, interests and issues. This committee will include the webmaster, social media administrator and E-newsletter editor.

Conservation Affairs
Anthony Sipes,
This committee’s responsibility is to keep membership updated on legislative proposals, administrative regulations, etc. Additionally, national issues/partnerships such as Farm Bill and Teaming with Wildlife will be monitored through this committee.

Reed Stiller,
This committee is responsible for maintaining a current membership roster, as well as encouraging qualified people to become members and recruiting new members. This
committee will also be responsible for the TWS Certification process.

Brad Feaster, (812) 659-9901,
This committee is responsible for organizing and running the annual officer elections.

Continuing Education
Brian MacGowan, (765) 647-3538,
This subcommittee (Jarred Brooke, Mitch Marcus, Meredith Rodriguez, Anthony Sipes, Dean Zimmerman) enhances the professional development and personal growth of our members. To accomplish this goal, the committee determines continuing education needs of our members and develops and implements programs to meet this need.

Student Hunting Education
Sam Whiteleather,
This subcommittee help develop education programs for students interested in wildlife management and provide materials for and coordinate public outreach on wildlife management. This committee will include the Continuing Education Fund, Endowment Fund, and Student Hunter Education Fund.