Honorary Member Award

Honorary Member Award

The Honorary Member Award is intended to acknowledge long-term, outstanding service to the Indiana Chapter Of The Wildlife Society by an individual retired from professional employment. Nominees must be either a current or past member of the Chapter who was/is an active participant in Chapter activities over a long period of time.

2018 – Dean Zimmerman

2016 – Harmon P. Weeks, Jr.

2008 – John D. Wade

1999 – David C. Hudak

1998 – Ralph D. Kirkpatrick;  David L. Herbst; Warren Rowe

1997 – Robert D. Feldt; Kenneth C. Nettles; George Seketa; D. David Turner

1988 – Harald A. Demaree, Jr.; Herbert C. Krauch, Jr.

1987 – William E. Madden; Charles E. Scheffe

1986 – WilliamB. Barnes; William E. Ginn; Charles M. Kirkpatrick; James D. McCall

Request For Award Nominations
Nominations for the Hoosier Wildlife Award must include (a) the nominee’s full name, present position, address, and phone numbers; (b) nominator(s)’ names, addresses, and phone numbers; and (c) a clear and concise statement justifying the nomination. Such statements should address the following criteria: charter member status, length of membership in the Indiana Chapter of The Wildlife Society, number of years in the wildlife profession, contributions and activities in Chapter affairs, and other meritorious reasons. Honorary membership in the Indiana Chapter of The Wildlife Society is determined by those nominees that receive a majority vote of all members of the Chapter.

Nomination Deadline: January 15 of each year

Send all nomination materials to:
Zack DeYoung, (219) 992-3019, zdeyoung@dnr.in.gov