Hoosier Wildlife Award

The Hoosier Wildlife Award

This award is intended to recognize an individual who has made, or is making, a significant contribution to professional wildlife conservation in Indiana through research, management, law enforcement, education, or administration. This award is not restricted to members of The Indiana Chapter of the Wildlife Society and may, but is not required to, be conferred annually.

Hoosier Wildlife Award Recipients

2017 – Scott Johnson
2016 – Robert K. Swhihart
2015 – John Castrale
2014 – William J. McCoy, Jr.
2013 – Steven E. Backs
2011 – Timothy A. Hayes
2009 – Brian Miller
2008 – Lee Sterrenburg
2007 – Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.
2006 – Harmon P. Weeks, Jr.
2004 – Jeffrey M. Hampshire
2003 – Richard H. Hudson
2001 – Carl H. Eisfelder
2000 – Edward T. Theroff
1999 – Dean Zimmerman
1997 – David C. Hudak
1996 – Russell E. Mumford
1974 – Charles M. Kirkpatrick
1971 – William B. Barnes

Request For Award Nominations
Nominations for the Hoosier Wildlife Award must include (a) the nominee’s full name, present position, address, and phone numbers; (b) nominator(s)’ names, addresses, and phone numbers; and (c) a clear and concise statement justifying the nomination. Statements may address such criteria as insight, scope, importance, acceptance, application, value, and impact of the nominee’s contribution(s) to professional wildlife conservation in Indiana. The Awards Committee evaluates the nominations received, and based upon supporting documentation, makes its recommendation of a recipient to the Executive Board.

Nomination Deadline: January 15 of each year

Send all nomination materials to:
Zack DeYoung, (219) 992-3019, zdeyoung@dnr.in.gov