Champion of Wildlife Award

Champion of Wildlife Award

The Champion of Wildlife Award is intended to recognize an individual for being instrumental in enacting an important wildlife resource conservation measure in Indiana during the past year. Recipients of this award may include legislators, state or local public officials, or private individuals that have made a significant contribution to Indiana’s wildlife resources.

Request for Award Nominations
Nominations for this award should be submitted to the awards committee chairman and will be accepted at any time during the year. The awards committee will act upon the nomination immediately in order to be timely in presenting the award if the nomination is approved. Upon receiving a nomination for this award, the awards committee will consult with the I&E committee to seek input on the nominee and to ensure that the reason for the award meets ICTWS criteria for sound wildlife management. The awards committee will then submit a recommendation to the executive board for final approval.

Nominations for the Champion of Wildlife Award must include (a) the nominee’s full name, present position, address, and phone number (b) nominator(s)’ names, addresses, and phone numbers; and (c) a clear and concise statement justifying the nomination. Statements may address such criteria as the nominee’s leadership functions, as well as the scope and importance of the nominee’s contribution to wildlife conservation in Indiana.

Presentation of the award by an ICTWS representative may be conducted during Conservation Day at the State House or at another time & place that the award recipient would prefer. The award would consist of a plaque (10.5” x 13”) and the wording of each award would be specific to the recipient’s accomplishments.

Nomination Deadline: January 15 of each year

Send all nomination materials to:
Zack DeYoung, (219) 992-3019,

Past Award Winners

2018 – Sam Shine, recognized for his instrumental role in many important wildlife conservation measures in Indiana and across the country.

2015 – Bob and Ellen Mulford, recognized for restoring and enhancing nearly 400 acres of high-quality wildlife habitat and for promoting wildlife education, research, and conservation efforts in Indiana.