Article VII


Section 1. – Executive Board – The Indiana Chapter shall be governed by an Executive Board composed of its officers, and the immediate Past-President.  Presidents of the student chapters of the state may serve as ex officio, non-voting members.

Clause A – Conduct – The Executive Board shall conduct its affairs in conformance with the provisions of these Bylaws, and those of the Society. The Board is authorized to act for the chapter between meetings and shall report its interim actions to the members at each succeeding meeting. Any action of the Board may be overridden by two-thirds vote of the members attending a meeting.

Clause B – Attendance – Members may attend Board meetings, but may participate therein only when asked to do so, and they may not vote at such meetings.

Section 2. – Finance – Funds of the Indiana Chapter shall be under the supervision of the Executive Board, and shall be handled by the Secretary-Treasurer. The financial records of the Chapter shall be periodically examined by the Audit Committee (Article VIII, Sec. 2F).

Clause A – The Secretary-Treasurer need not be bonded.

Clause B – Funds shall be derived from dues, special assessments, work projects, and contributions.

Clause C – Funds shall be placed in a federally-insured bank or savings and loan association.

Section 3. – Reports – Within 20 days after an election or other official action the Secretary-Treasurer shall report such action to the Executive Director of The Wildlife Society, the North Central Section Representative, and the North Central Section President. Annual financial statements and activity reports from the Secretary-Treasurer shall be forwarded to these same parties. A statement of calendar-year income and expenses, together with starting and ending balances, must be submitted to the Executive Director in January of each year for federal tax reporting.

Section 4. – Files – The Chapter shall maintain a file containing: Bylaws of The Wildlife Society, the North Central Section, and the Chapter; minutes of all general and special meetings of the membership and of the Executive Board; correspondence pertinent to Chapter affairs; all committee reports, financial statements and records; and all other material designated as pertinent by the Executive Board. A “procedure for filing” shall be kept in the Chapter file for the guidance of each succeeding Secretary-Treasurer. A chapter “Operations Manual” provided by the Society will be maintained by the President of the Chapter and a written record of transfer of this manual to the incoming President will be maintained and the Society will be notified of each such transfer.

Section 5. – Resolutions and Public Statements – Any two or more members may submit actions (resolutions or statements) to the Resolutions and Public Statements Committee for possible consideration by the Chapter’s Executive Board. These shall be accepted or rejected by the Board, and, if involving new policy, prepared for submission to the Chapter membership. Such new items must be approved by two-thirds of the Chapter membership voting and must be transmitted to the Society, the North Central Section Representative, and the North Central Section President, if approved. Action falling within previously established Chapter policies may be carried out by the President or Secretary-Treasurer upon unanimous approval of the Executive Board. On issues where there are no previously established Chapter policies and that demand action on a reasonably short notice, the President or designated representative, may present a Public Statement on behalf of the Chapter provided that:

1) the concept of the statement be brought to the Executive Board’s attention and is accepted by them prior to public issuing of the statement; and

2) copies of the statement are sent to the membership within 15 days after public issuing of the statement. Furthermore, the Indiana Chapter may publish statements pertaining to issues in its locale:

  1. a) when the content of the statement falls within the establish policy of the Society; and
  2. b) in the absence of existing Society position statements. The Chapter will not publish statements which may be in conflict with the policy of the Society without prior approval of the Society’s Council. All statements will follow the “Guidelines for Conservation Affairs Activities” (Appendix 4.42 l.b. of the Operations Manual) and conform to the Society’s policy regarding conservation affairs (Appendix 4.42 l.a. of the Operations Manual). The Chapter membership, The Wildlife Society, the North Central Section Representative, and the North Central Section President must receive copies of any Resolution or Public Statement within 15 days of such action.