Article II


2Section 1. – Objectives – Consistent with the objectives of the Society, the Chapter objectives 2are:

1) to advance the science and art of wildlife management.

2) to promote and maintain high professional standards.

3) to improve public understanding and support of scientific management of wildlife and related resources.

4) to recognize and commend outstanding work in the profession.

5) to focus the aims and objectives of the Society on wildlife issues and events on the state scene.

6) in the case of wildlife problems arising in the state, to take action and notify the Society with recommendations for action if appropriate.

7) to provide a common meeting ground for wildlife workers.

Section 2. – Implementation – To aid in the achievement of these objectives, this Chapter proposes to:

1) Provide opportunities for better liaison among individual members, their section, and the Society.

2) Evaluate the principles involved in proposed or enacted societal actions that could affect wildlife.

3) Recognize and commend outstanding achievement in the wildlife environment.

4) Focus the aims and objectives of the Society and operating section upon professional wildlife needs, problems, and events on the local scene.

5) Encourage communications between members and non-members to create climate under which the resource management arts will be used effectively.